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Top 5 GNOME GTK Themes for July 2020

One of the best things about using a popular desktop environment like GNOME is that there are thousands of different themes available, each of them doing things in their own unique way. Here is a list of our top 5 this month, most of them have different colour options so you can pick lighter/darker modes and you can use any compatible icon pack!

5 – Kimi + Dash to Dock + Papirus (icons)

Kimi + Papirus

App – Dash to Dock:
Theme – Kimi:
Icons – Papirus:

4 – Ant+ Dash to Dock + Inverse (icons)

Ant + Inverse

App – Dash to Dock:
Theme – Ant (ant-alt-style):
Icons – Inverse:

3 – BaZik+ Dash to Dock + Inverse (icons)

Bazik + Breeze

App – Dash to Dock:
Theme – BaZik (Bazik_Light_Magenta):
Icons – Breeze:

2 – Layan Light + Dash to Dock + Tela (icons)

Layan Light

App – Dash to Dock:
Theme – Layan Light:
Icons – Tela:

1 – Orchis + Dash to Dock


App – Dash to Dock:
Theme – Orchis:
Icons – Yaru (default Ubuntu)

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