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UI of the Month – August 2020

A fresh lick of paint for your GTK3 Linux Desktop. Every month.

As part of a new blogpost series, we’re going to be picking a monthly winner for our UI of the Month contest. Every Reddit thread we come across recommends the same things, and it’s not much better on theme marketplaces either so we’ve decided to share a new theme + icon pack every month. 

Icon Pack: Luna (by darkomarko42)

This month’s Icon Pack pick is Luna Icons. With colourful icons based on Marwaita and Papirus iconpacks (both fantastic choices in themselves), Luna manages to combine the best of two well designed icon packs giving a fresh look to any stock-icon’d desktop.


Theme: Kimi (by Eliver Lara)

Kimi brings with it a comforting purple coloured UI that reminds me of those purple translucent 1990s electronics, which while most likely not the designer’s intent I still enjoy.


Jonathan Procter

Linux, Unix, and Windows server sysadmin.

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